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Monday, June 6, 2016

Dynamics GP 2016 - Sales All in One View

The All in One View represents a new way of inquiring data in Dynamics GP. With the release of Dynamics GP 2016, two inquiries were delivered for Sales and Inventory. In the previous post, the inventory all in one view was fully explained. Now we are going to introduce and explain the Sales All in One View which is not less important at all than the one mentioned above.

Sales All in One View
I have mentioned previously that this inquiry is important for analysis purposes. The sales all in one view represents a centralized screen to show all sales transactions for a specific customer in an interrelated way. As taken for granted, in sales order processing, the cycle includes multiples types which are:
  • Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Fulfillment Order
  • Back Order
  • Sales Return
Sales Order Processing Cycle
The old inquiries of Dynamics GP such as Sales Documents provide a traditional way of inquiring the transaction details, you will have to manually check the source of each sales transaction (whether it has been transferred from quotation, order ...etc). The all in one view provides a centralized and visualized way of presenting the interrelation among the SOP documents. By clicking on any of the sales documents, only the related types will be shown in the other sections. These sections reflect he types of SOP documents (Quotation, Order, Back Order, Return, Invoice, Cash Receipt ...etc)

Relations in Sales All in One View

The view provides a setup window by which you can choose which documents types to be shown, which includes the following:
  1. Quotations
  2. Orders ad Back Orders
  3. Invoices and Fulfillment Orders
  4. Cash Receipts
  5. Credit/ Returns
  6. Other Charges (Debit Memo, Finance Charges, Service repairs or warranty)
It is important to note here that the relations between a sales order processing document and AR document (cash receipt, credit, return and other charges) is determined by the apply processes. 

Furthermore, there is an option for each section to show or hide open and historical transactions. Certain sections such as Cash Receipts has got an additional filter to show fully apply documents.

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Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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