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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Analytical Purchase Requisition Entry | Dimension Code Lookup (Resolved with Dynamics GP 2016)

Apart from the long list of product enhancements introduced in Dynamics GP 2016, a considerable issues have been completely resolved and logged in the Quality Report.  One of these issues was previously addressed on Dynamics GP Essentials blog addressing the Dimension Code lookup is not working for the Analytical Purchase requisition entry window. A temporary solution was to provide a quick customized fix until a permanent fix is delivered. 

As derived from the Quality Report of Dynamics GP 2016, the following addresses the fact that this issue is completely resolved: 

" Analytical Accounting:
Unable to use the Selection button to pull up the Transaction Dimension Code selection window from the Analytical Purchase Requisition Entry window  "

I am including the complete scenario below, as applied in Dynamics GP 2016 to show that the behavior is error-free :

  • Go to Transactions > Purchasing > Purchase Requisitions
  • Create a new requisition with items.
  • On the line item level, enter an account that is linked to Analytical Accounting
  • Click on the AA button in order to open the Analytical Purchase Requisition Entry
  • On the Dimension Code field, click on the "Look up" button to retrieve a list of available dimension codes
  • A window including all dimension codes pops up, from which you can choose.

Purchase Requisition Entry - GP 2016

Analytical Purchase Requisition Entry - GP 2016

If you are using the temporary quick fix addressed in the previous article and you are considering an upgrade, make sure to remove the .dll file from the Add ons within Dynamics GP folded.

Best Regards, 
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi 

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