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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dynamics GP 2016 - Upcoming Features

It is almost the end of April and Dynamics GP 2016 is about to be released so soon. The inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog has been publishing the new features under the Feature of the Day series, in which more than 35 features are to be introduced. Some of these features are:

  • The New HTML Web Client. >> Link 
  • Web Client Support for Multi Browsers, Multi Devices and User Interface changes. >> Link 
  • Web Client Search >> Link
  • Sales All in One Document Viewer >> Link
  • Inventory All in One Document Viewer >> Link
  • Project Accounting on Requisitions >> Link
  • Project Accounting Document Attach >> Link 
  • Payable Credit Cards >> Link
  • Excel Export as Numbers >> Link
  • Inactive Pay Codes Lookup >> Link
  • Prepayment on Purchase Order >> Link
  • Payroll Posting Accounts >> Link
  • Budget Import Exception Report >> Link
  • Analytical Accounting User Access Settings >> Link
  • Export/ Import in Smartlist Designer >> Link
  • Smartlists from Favorites >> Link
  • Word Templates for Batch Approval Workflow >> Link
  • Workflow Condition Management >> Link
  • Workflow Reassignment Notification >> Link
  • Named Self Service User >> Link
  • Automatically Batch Deposit Cash Receipts >> Link
  • and more ...

Stay Tuned

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Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Microsoft Project "Madeira" | Setup for Non-US users

In the previous post; Microsoft Project "Madeira" | First Look, I have mentioned that the preview doesn't not support all regions yet. Therefore, If you log in into Project Madeira home page and click on the preview, you will receive a message "That didn't work, we don't support your country or region yet".

If you are a Non-US users, and would like to set up Madeira for testing purposes, there are additional steps that you need to complete in order to get the preview working. 
  1. Login to Microsoft Demos using your Microsoft Partner credentials
  2.  Under "My Tenants" section, click on Create a New Tenant

  3. Click on Quick Tenants
  4. Select a Tenant Type, Standard Office 365 Demo Content                     
  5. Leave Add Ons unchecked, and click Next
  6. Click Finish
  7. Credentials are provided below

  8. Now login to Microsoft Project Madeira, click on Preview and enter the credentials provided above
Best Regards, 
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Microsoft Project "Madeira" | First Look

We all heard or read today about the exciting news announced by Microsoft about the new project called "Madeira" which is primarily being introduced as a reinvention of the business management solution for small and mid-size organization. Madeira is the first MS SaaS (Software as a Service) ERP that could be configured quite easily as part of the Office 365 Apps, it is cloud-based ERP system which supports multiple platforms providing high level of business connectivity. 

While trying to take my first steps towards "Madeira", from the project portal on this link, I was lucky enough to get a message that my region is not yet supported. 

Project "Madeira" Home Page - Preview

Not Supported Sign Up

Although, I didn't have the passion to wait for several days or maybe months since there is no specific time frame that provides any clue on when or whether the preview will be supported for my region. A good suggestion by one of the fox was to login to Microsoft Demos, create a new Tenant and use the admin user in order to sign up for the Project Madeira, which worked just perfectly. It took me no more than few minutes to get things up and running

Setting Things Up

Here you go, 
Home Page

My first look into Madeira was absolutely as if I am logging into Dynamics NAV, they seem almost like identical twins which is quite astonishing to me since I have been recently expanding my ERP horizons by digging deeper into Dynamics NAV. Within the coming few days, I will provide some insight on Maderia as I dig further into its simple and yet comprehensive functionality. 

Meanwhile, you might be quite interested in reading those articles about Project Madeira:

More is yet to come
Best Regards,