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Monday, November 12, 2018

Year End Closing - Query Timeout Expired Error | "The Stored Procedure glYearEndCloseMain"

If you are performing the year end closing procedure and encountering the error " Query Timeout Expired" specifically at step 3 out 7, then an error message popped up " The stored procedure glYearEndCloseMain returned the following results DBMS ... ", you need to know that the GL year end closing procedure has failed as it partially closed the year. 

Issue Diagnosis :
When closing the year, Dynamics GP goes through seven steps precisely in order to reconcile GL balances, check returned accounts, account types ... etc and close the year. 
Step 3 calls stored procedure "glYearEndCloseMain" which primarily moves records from GL20000 to GL30000, create BBF records. Here is the SQL statement which is causing the system to hang:

    DECLARE @stored_proc_name CHAR(26);
    DECLARE @retstat INT;
    DECLARE @param23 NUMERIC(19, 5);
    DECLARE @param24 INT;
    DECLARE @param25 INT;
    SELECT @stored_proc_name = 'TWO.dbo.glYearEndCloseMain';
    EXEC @retstat = @stored_proc_name 2017,
                                      @param23 OUT,
                                      @param24 OUT,
                                      @param25 OUT;
    SELECT @retstat,

The very initial step to ensure that you restore Dynamics GP databases since in such case the GL tables would be partially corrupted due to having "partial year end closing"

The next step is to check the "Auto Growth - Maximum Size " property on the database server for the GP database. The case occurred due to having insufficient database size restricted by the maximum size. 

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Management Reporter Crashing while Importing / Exporting Building Blocks

When migrating reports from one management reporter server to another, the easiest way is to export the management reporter building blocks from the original management reporter server and import them into the new server. 

It is a straight forward method and it doesn't seem to encounter much efforts theoretically. Although, when you have the management report crashes all of a sudden while doing the export or import, things get too complicated. 

Case Reported - Management Reporter Crashes during Import Export of Building Blocks :

As clearly illustrated in the screen shot below, on the import export wizard of the building blocks, you highlight the specific reports you want to import and click on "Import Function". At certain import it works and at other chances it fails and MR crashes and close. 

Import Export of Building Blocks - Wizard

MR Crashes - MR Dynamics ERP has stopped Working

MR Crash Cause 

The root cause of the problem above is that if the "mouse cursor" passes over the "report name" column, management reporter client pops up an info message, this functionality is not supported by a certain window update.

In order to ensure that the MR client will not crash while doing the import export for the building blocks, you simply need not to move the mouse cursor over the "report name" column. Eventually, the building blocks will be imported and exported smoothly without any encountered issues. 

Best Regards, 
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi