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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Analytical Accounting - The importance of using Alias

Throughout the previous posts, we have covered primary setup corner stones of the Analytical Accounting module in Dynamics GP, covering both Dimensions relations and validation and Dimensions order and default values. In this post, we will proceed with another important part, which is AA Alias. 

I have always seen that users consider AA entry as a complicated process, which requires going through several windows and forms to pick the appropriate dimension code and distribute the amount from an analytical perspective. In this essence, the importance of AA Alias is proven to provide the user with a most efficient data-entry experience as it cuts down the number of clicks and steps required to fill in analytical details. 

As derived from the official help reference of Dynamics GP, AA Alias is used to group the transaction dimension combinations that you use while entering analysis information for transactions. It allows you to enter large amounts of analysis information quickly and accurately. Let's break down the definition into practical example, which is the same one used on the previous articles above.

Lets recall the example discussed about the relations and restrictions, it implies that specific relations are only allowed to be enter, which are derived from the business requirement. For instance, 

  • Project B is restricted to West only
  • Project B is allowed to be linked to all cost centers
Dimension Relations and Restrictions

The above implies that all possibilities of cross dimension codes relations are FIVE possibilities which are:
  • Project B - West - Administration
  • Project B - West - Marketing
  • Project B - West - Information Systems
  • Project B - West - Sales and Marketing
  • Project B - West - Production 
Each combination above can be grouped under an AA alias, which can be picked directly when entering AA details. To do so, Go to Cards > Financial > Analytical Accounting > Alias

AA Alias

The above windows shows how one of the combination is assigned to an alias named "B-W-Admin". Lets see how this can enhance the data-entry experience for the AA details.
AA Data Entry - Alias
AA Data Entry - Alias
Important Note !
One of the most important factors of using Alias in Dynamics GP is that it will allow you to include your AA details when using the out of the box feature "Copy Paste" in the general ledger form. This has been thoroughly illustrate in a previous post Copy Paste GL Journals from Excel - with Analytical Accounting Details

Best Regards, 
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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