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Thursday, May 7, 2015

GP 2013 R2 – Auto Receive results with “All line have been received” error (Resolved)

We have encountered an issue with the “Auto Receive” functionality in Dynamics GP 2013 R2, specifically when the workflow 2.0 is active and the purchase order being received status is approved “completed” and released to be received. In this post, I will be describing how this error occurs and most importantly how to get it resolved.

The Problem

This occurs in one of two cases:

  • A requisition that is entered and approved according to the active purchase requisition approval workflow steps, then purchased and migrated to a purchase order
  • A purchase order that is entered and approved according to the active purchase order approval workflow

Auto Receive Error - Workflow 2.0

Now the result is having a purchase order that is ready to be received. The problem occurs specifically when using the “Auto Receive” functionality which exists in the “Receiving Transaction Entry” window. You should be on the safe side if you are receiving the items manually through picking the approved PO from within the receiving transaction entry window.

1- You click on the “Auto Receive Button” on the receiving transaction entry window

2- The “Select Purchase Order” window pops up for you to select the approved purchase order

Select Purchase Order
3- If you click “Receive All” items, you would mostly never receive the error message. The problem occurs if you click on “View Details” and then enter partially receive part of the approved line items
4- Clicking the “View Details” will open up the “Select Purchase Order line items” window, on which you supposedly will pick part of the approved items, or might change the shipped quantity to receive part of the shipment

Select Purchase Order Line Items
5- Now, you click receive to fill in what’s picked in the receiving transaction entry, and the error pops up stating the “All line items have been received”. Although, if you check the line items status, non is received yet. 

Error Message

Important Note !
Thorough testing with the clients showed that the error behavior is not an ultimate result of the steps mentioned above. When receiving an approved PO with only one line items, the error never occurred. Testing shows that only partial shipment results with this error. It is important to keep in mind that this definitely related to Workflow 2.0

The resolution is simply to deploy the March hotfix version 12.00.1894, Terry Heley recently published an article The March Hotfix has released...what is all the excitement about, it includes both GP 2015 and GP 2013 March hotfix.

March hotfix for Dynamics GP 2013 can be found on the following links:

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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