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Monday, May 18, 2015

Dynamics GP 2015 R2 – Upcoming Features Approaching

As derived from the well known six month release cycle for Dynamics GP, we are just few steps away from the release of Dynamics GP 2015 R2, for that I am listing some of the new features which are being published on Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog by Pam Misialek.

As the norm goes, Dynamics GP Essential blog will provide illustrative articles for each of these features after the release of GP 2015 R2, just as it was for the prior releases; GP 2015 and GP 2013 R2 under Releases and Features tag.

The list below will be updated accordingly, as new articles are published:

  • Purchasing – All in one Document viewer
  • Purchasing – All in one Document view Filter
  • Purchasing – All in one Document view checkbox
  • Purchasing – All in one Document view – Options
  • Historical Received not Invoices Report
  • Payables Transaction workflow
  • Scriptable Provisioning and Management
  • Analytical Accounting Transaction Lists
  • Smartlist Designer Create View
  • Smartlist Designer view Workflow Type
  • Self Service User Tasks and Roles
  • Employee Self Service – W2

All in one Document Viewer Features:

In prior releases of Dynamics GP, attachments were reached through the original documents or master files to which they were attached. I have provided multiple SQL scripts to provide a detailed report for all the attachments existing in Dynamics GP, which can be found on GP Essentials – SQL Script Page. With the release of GP 2015 R2, there will be a complete elegant functionality to check all existing attachment for the purchasing module under what’s called “All in one document viewer”.

All in One Doc View

Checkbox: The all in one document viewer is designed to provide intelligent functionality and considerable user experience. Selecting one of the documents within the viewer such as a specific purchase order will apply to other related document such as receipts, invoices, payments and returns related to this PO.

All in One Doc View checkbox

Filter: To help the user better handle attachments and filter bulk data, there is a filter icon to allow the user to select specific documents such as open or historical.

All in One Doc View filter


Options: This controls the layout and elements to be included within the document viewer, it is pretty much needed when you need to exclude specific elements such as purchase orders (if you don’t use PO for instance)

All in One Doc View options

Payables Transaction Workflow

This is a new workflow type which allows the user to submit a single payable transaction for approval without the need to consider payable batch approval workflow. By now, clients can consider either the payable batch workflow or the payable transaction workflow, which are both available in GP 2015 R2.7

ap workflow 2015 r2

Scriptable Provisioning and Management

This feature will add APIs and PowerShell cmdlets that will enable automated/scriptable GP provisioning and management.

powershell 2015 r2

Analytical Accounting Transaction Lists

This is one thing that is quite essentials when having Analytical Accounting module enabled, the current analytical accounting reporting is enhanced by adding further more columns and information to enrich the value of the AA report, along with a distinguished enhancement made for the display of transaction dimension and associated codes.

AA Nav List 2015 R2

Smartlist Designer Create View

Within SmartList Designer a user can send a SmartList through workflow to create a SQL view based on the SmartList query.  This SQL view can then be used outside of GP for such purposes as creating reports using SQL reporting services or Power BI reports in Excel.  The view will also allow the user to publish the SmartList as a refreshable excel report from inside of Dynamics GP.”

SLD Create View 2015R2


Smartlist Designer View Workflow Type

Now you may control the creation of SQL-based views. These views will have to go through a predefined workflow to gain the required approvals.

sld workflow gp2015r2


Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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