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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cancelling or Voiding a Purchase Order generated from a Requisition | GP 2013 R2 and later

I have seen this case quite commonly with several clients as they want to modify a purchase order which is generated from a requisition, this include the following scenarios:

Here is the requisition details:

Requisition Window

Then, the requisition is purchased so that a purchase order is created as shown below:



Now on the purchase order entry window, you might need to cancel a quantity or even void the whole purchase order, a user opens the purchase order entry window and try to apply such modifications as shown below:

1- Cancelling quantity on the purchase order generated from the requisition
“The quantity can’t be changed because the remaining quantity doesn’t satisfy the commitments for this line item”

Cancelling Quantity

2- Voiding a purchase order generated from the requisition 
“You can’t void this document because line items for the document are committed to line items on one or more documents”

Void Erro

3- Deleting the purchase order generated from the requisition
“You can’t delete this document because line items for the document are committed to line items on one or more documents”

Delete Error


All you need to do is to simply use the “Edit Purchase Order” window to either cancel the purchase order or change specific line item status. (Remember that the original status of the purchase order plays a major role in either preventing or allowing such change, such as a PO which has been already received ...etc.)

Go to Purchasing > Transactions > Edit Purchase Order status

Edit Purchase Order status


Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi


  1. Hi Mahmoud,
    I am following the steps above, and the message persists. So I am unable to cancel the LPO. Any more ideas ?

  2. Hi Muc,

    For LPO Cancel, enter the quantity cancelled for the corresponding line and click process. You will be able to cancel the LPO.


  3. 1. Select PO by checkmarking the box and selecting EDIT PURCHASE ORDER at top of screen.

    2. In Edit Purchase Order Status, change the amount in QUANTITY CANCELED field to match the QTY ORDERED field (i.e., if QO=2 QCan=2)

    3. Change Status (next to QTY CANC field) to Canceled, change Purchase Order Status dropdown in upper third of screen) to Canceled

    4. Click on the PROCESS gear upper left of screen

    5. Screen will clear, click the Red X Close box to collapse window.

    6. The Purchase Order Edited Status Journal screens will appear. Screen or physical print the journals.

    7. Refresh Purchase Order Transactions screen. You will see the dollar amount on the PO has changed from X$ to $0.00, and when you double click on the PO the status shows as cancelled.

    Sorry I couldn't get screen shots to post in reply.

    1. Thanks Kathryn,

      Best Regards,
      Mahmoud M. AlSaadi