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Sunday, December 14, 2014

GP 2015 – Understanding Payable Batch Approval

The new workflow engine has been enhanced to include provide further more capabilities. Now, you can manage the batch posting processing by creating a workflow which is tailored to your business needs.

To setup a payable batch approval workflow, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Company > Workflow > Workflow Maintenance.

The Purchasing series has two new additions which are the “Payable Batch Approval” and the “Vendor Approval”. To create a workflow, you may follow the steps provided on GP 2013 R2- New Requisitions Workflow

Paybale Batch Workflow


Changes to the Old Payable Batch Approval Approach

The old-fashioned batch approval on the posting setup window; which is represented with an approval password, is still there. Although, you can not keep both active at the same time, you will have to either activate the new payable batch workflow or keep the old payable batch password approval approach.

Posting Setup - Purchasing Series

Once the new payable batch approval is activated, activating the old password approval will be rejected by the system, the following warning message will indicate so:

Password Approval Warning Message


The new Payable Batch Approval

The batch entry window has new additions represented with the common new workflow bar showing the workflow status, as well as the workflow section including workflow buttons such as: approve, reject, recall, submit …etc. Further more, the workflow history shows the steps and approval history for a specific batch.

The old approved checkbox and its associated details (user id and approval date) disappears as you configure and activate the new payable batch approval workflow. Once the new workflow is activate, these fields are gone.

Batch Entry Window

Batch Edit through the Approval Process 

Throughout the batch approval, the batch can be edited, deleted and posted (when finally approved).
You can add transactions to the batch which will require a “recall”, it means that the the batch will go through the approval process all over again in order to acquire the required approval. When picking an existing batch with pending approval, the system will give warning as shown below:

Batch Recall - Transactions Additions


Throughout the approval process, the batch can be deleted with no issues. As for posting, the “POST” button will show only when the batch has completed all the required approval.

Post Bach

Batch Approval History

When the batch is posted, it can be reused again (unless it is a recurring batch). Approval history are stored and can be viewed at any time after posting the batch from the payable inquiry zoom window.

Payabel Inquiry

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Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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