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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Limited Users in Dynamics GP 2013 R2 – Security Insight

A very common issue that has been seen recently with among Dynamics GP client is the access of the limited user, you always encounter a simple question and proceed with several clicks and checks to reach an answer or “Yes it has access or No it doesn’t have an access” on this specific window.

It is worth saying that the answer is just there at the tips of your fingers. When opening the security task window, a new icon has been added to “denote windows available to limited user types”. See below:

Security Task - GP 2013 R2











Security Task Details as Related to Limited User – SQL View

The script below retrieves all the security task details as related to whether a limited user has an the access or not. This will definitely help you while building customized security roles for your limited users.

Security Resource Information - SQL View




        RTRIM(TYPESTR) Type ,
RTRIM(Series_Name) AS Series ,
RESTECHNAME AS Resource_Technical_Name,
CASE AvailLmtdUsrs
           WHEN 1 THEN 'Yes'
           ELSE 'No'
        END AS AvailableToLimitedUser
        --  SECRESTYPE SecurityResourceType,
        --     DICTID AS DictionaryID,
--  SECURITYID SecyrityID ,
FROM    SY09400
ORDER BY 1,2,3,4


Security Resource Description – Excel Report

In order to have the maximum benefit of the script above, you can drop it into Excel and have a pivot table report, as shown below:

Here is the filter to consider:


Here is the Pivot Report:


You can download the Security Resource Excel report from Here

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

1 comment:

  1. Hey Mahmood,
    Great post about this new 'added' Limit user type for the GP security... I'll improve my own security reports in Excel to take care of this..
    Will also check for GP2015R2 the new Self-Service user type, and if MS added another flag for that.