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Friday, October 17, 2014

David Musgrave has left Microsoft – New Journey Begins with “Winthrop Development Consultants”

It has been sadly one of the most shocking news I’ve heard this year, David Musgrave is not a Microsoft employee anymore ! Well, this has been even more shocking to me than the announcement of dropping Microsoft Dynamics SMB ERP certifications. It’s been thirteen and half years of continuous achievements in the different aspects of Microsoft Dynamics GP that will never be forgotten.

Change has always been an inevitable part of our lives, it goes without saying that Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change and yet expect it and get well planned for it. The end of David’s journey with Microsoft is the beginning of another as he has already restarted his consulting business which he had before joining Microsoft; Winthrop Development Consultants. In this essence, the news is shocking but quite promising as there is a too much on the horizon to come.

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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