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Monday, December 9, 2013

Requisition Attachments


When using requisition management as a solution to manage Approval Hierarchy, clients commonly ask for attachment. Unfortunately, this very simple feature is not yet provided as an out of the box functionality in Business portal, Requisition Management. What is the simple, efficient and effective work around solution for this !

Simply, create a separate SharePoint list that is not at all connected to the requisition management site. The list has got to include the following details;


Requisition Number: which is the auto number generated when a new requisition is created, unique and could be the primary key.

Purchase Order Number: once a requisition is finally approved and migrated into Dynamics GP, a purchase order number is generated in GP. This piece of detail can be recorded in the list above for “mapping purposes”

Attachment: simply attach the files; image, PDF, excel or whatever document you want to keep for a specific requisition.

In a previous post, Business Portal Requisition, the requisition life cycle is shown. The steps are;

  1. Create Requisition
  2. Submit for Approvals
  3. Approvals
  4. Final Approvals
  5. Transfer to PO

Applying this solution will add up an addition step to the five steps above in order to “manually” attach documents to requisition.

For the mean time, although this is a manual work-around, but it won’t take more than five minutes to be created and deployed, to meet the need of requisition attachments.

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi


  1. Mahmoud, is there a way to attach the document to the requisition itself before the requisition is converted to a purchase order? When creating a requisition, the end users would like to be able to send supporting documentation.


    1. Unfortunately, attachments are not available for requisitions. Here is a clarification; with purchase order workflow, you can add attachment to the PO once it is created within Dynamics GP as the workflow is initiated. With Business portal, it is supposedly a purchase request (not a purchase order yet) which is handled out of Dynamics GP until all approvals are obtained, then it is finally migrated to Dynamics GP to be a PO.
      I do believe though that adding attachments to requisitions would be such a nice feature, let's hope it will be announced in future releases.

  2. Mahmoud,
    When we transfer the requisition to a PO in which table does it stores the actual PO Number that it created for the requisition.


    1. Which type of requisition are you talking about, The old one of the business portal or the new one introduced with GP 2013 ?

      Best Regards,