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Sunday, December 15, 2013

GP 2013 Document Attachments – FAQs


With GP 2013, document attachment has been widely considered as a desired feature. In this post, I am including common inquiries and answers about this feature.

Q1 - Where to find illustrative resources explaining document attachment feature on a step by step basis ?

On Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Guide: System User's Guide, chapter 19 | Document Attachments. The following content is thoroughly illustrated;


Q2 - Can I attach documents to payable transactions Journal entries ?

Until GP2013 SP2, document attachment doesn’t include neither payable transaction nor General Entry in GL. The following master records and transactions are supported by this feature.

Although, several suggestions have been provided on Microsoft Connect to add this feature for payable and General Entry.


Q3 - What are the document attachment tables ?

  • CO40100 | Document Attachment Setup
  • CO00101 | Document Attachment Master
  • CO00102 | Document Attachment Reference
  • CO00103 | Document Attachment Properties
  • CO00104 | Document Attachment Status
  • CO00105 | Document Attachment E-mail

Q4 – When I attach a document, the original file is deleted !

That’s simply a configuration check, on the Document Attachment setup screen (Microsoft Dynamics > Tools > Setup > Company > Document Attachment), there is an option to delete original attachment, if checked, the original will be deleted. As shown below;


Q5 - What is the “default location” field on the setup window for Document Attachment?

When you click on attachment icon either on a master record or transaction, the “Select an attachment”window will default to retrieve all the files in this path, from which you will attach a selected document.

Q6- When I delete an attachment, the file is still be shown on the “Deleted” tab, how can I completely remove an attachment ?

Dynamics GP manages the deletion of attachments by categorizing the deleted documents in a separate tab, which can still be shown on the document attachment window.

To completely remove an attachment, I would go for a database delete statement which is well considered.

Q7- Where are the attachment stored ?

Document attachment in Dynamics GP considers SQL Server solution for storing files and documents in the database.

Q8- What does the Document Attachment Utility do ?

Although it doesn’t provide any message or notification on completion, but if you follow the process on SQL Profiler, you will find that it does check all the attachments which fall (on or before) a date specified at the utility window, any of these with no link to a certain transaction or master record will be permanently deleted.

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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  1. Hi, I am trying to open an attachment on a posted RMA and I get an error popup "Wrong number of arguments to 'OpenWindow'". I am able to open the attachment on an open RMA but not through the inquiry screen to view posted documents. Is there a setting for this or how do I go about viewing attachments? Thanks.