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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Item Maintenance Window - How to Handle the variety of Dimensions and Variants? - Extender.

Inventory items varies in nature, and it is highly important for companies to keep track of these variations of the same item in an intelligent way, it is highly essentials for reporting purposes and it absolutely differentiates between intelligent and traditional inventory management systems. 

The item maintenance window in Dynamics GP doesn't support such variation, each SKU in your inventory should be defined as an item, which doesn't provide a lot of information to track. 

Extender > Link

It is one of the greatest third party applications for Dynamics GP, through which the functionality of the system can be extended an unlimited levels. You can create new forms, new windows and apply the required business logic and workflow in a way that removes any obstacles in the standard functionality of Dynamics GP. 

In this example specifically, you create an unlimited number of dimensions with setup forms, so that end users can add as many item dimensions as required. Furthermore, they can be assigned to the item card so that important item dimensions are captured and reported accordingly. 

Lets review how Extender could serve this functionality in Dynamics GP.

Item Dimensions - Setup Windows  (Extended)
Under Cards, I have created a new menu which includes all the required setup definitions for the item. Such as but not limited to:

  • Commission Type
  • Category
  • Nature
  • Brand
  • Flavor
Each of the dimensions above has a specific setup window, for which a specific serial number will be assigned automatically along with the other descriptive details, such as the category for instance:
Item Dimension - Category Setup (Extended)
On the item maintenance card level, an addition is added to link each item to all these definitions so that they can be captured for items as illustrated below:

Item Maintenance Window - Item Definition Addition

Item definition Window

In future posts, I will shed a light on the functionality of Extender in further more details and show how new modules can be added to the system to manage business areas and associated it with the financial or supply chain modules accordingly.

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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