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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dynamcis GP 2015 - Financial Year End Closing Hangs | Process Failure

While closing the year in Dynamics GP 2015, the system hangs completely at step three just after performing the basic initial validation, It seemed that it was processing, but in fact there was no single process on the SQL Server (SQL Profiler). The following troubleshooting were considered : 
  1. Connectivity/ Network Issue (as I was performing the closing on the client side)
  2. SQL Server - Corrupted Master or Transnational data 
Connectivity/ Network Issue 
Starting with the first potential cause, I have restored the original backup, and proceeded with closing the year on the SQL server in order to omit any possibility of connectivity/network issue. Although, I have had the exact same results >> The system hangs at step three of the financial closing without proceeding or giving any error on the application level.

SQL Server - Corrupted Master or Transnational data

Following up this case, it was obvious that there is specific issue with the data that is causing the year-end closing to stop resulting with complete hang of the application. 

As I have checked the General Ledger tables, records in GL20000 for the year being closed was there and didn't move to the history tables GL30000, which in turn was empty for this specific year.

Here is the code at which the system stops proceeding any further:

    DECLARE @stored_proc_name CHAR(26);
    DECLARE @retstat INT;
    DECLARE @param23 NUMERIC(19, 5);
    DECLARE @param24 INT;
    DECLARE @param25 INT;
    SELECT  @stored_proc_name = 'COE.dbo.glYearEndCloseMain';
    EXEC @retstat = @stored_proc_name 2015, 2016, 1, 'SAR', '', 0, 'AVERAGE',
        'CLOSE', 6137, 'GLTRX00002694', 'DYNSA', '##0560435', '##0650435',
        '##0700435', 94, 570, 1, 6137, 6137, 0, '2015.12.31', '2015.01.01',
        @param23 OUT, @param24 OUT, @param25 OUT;
    SELECT  @retstat ,
            @param23 ,
            @param24 ,

Several parts of the stored procedure above (glYearEndCloseMain) referred to currency translation as shown below:
  • MC40000
  • glYECCreateBBFTranslationOpen
  • glYECCreatePLTranslationOpen
As I have checked the Multi currency setup in Dynamics GP, It was clear that there are several setup lines for the currency transaction as shown below:

Dynamics GP | Currency Translation Setup

I have proceeded by removing the translation setup above completely (after restoring the original backup of the company) and then proceeded with the financial year end closing. The result was just perfect, the closing went so smoothly without hanging for a single second. 
Year End Closing - Complete

Best Regards, 
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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