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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pending Fixed Assets Purchases Report

After adding fixed assets from Purchase Order Processing or Accounts Payable, a card should be created from the Asset General Window. This is listed under the "Purchase" button on Asset General Information window as shown below:

Asset General Information - Purchase

>> Important Note !
The steps on how to proceed the fixed asset purchase cycle is illustrated on the links above, which includes either Purchase Order Processing in order to add multiple assets, or Accounts Payable to add an asset solely.

If you click on the Purchase Button shown on the Asset General Information, the Fixed Assets Purchasing Transactions window will open up, which lists all the pending vouchers with all associated details.

Asset General Information - Purchase List

This post provides an SQL view including all pending purchased assets, it will either clears out or remain after adding the assets, which is dependent on the purchasing transaction option in the Fixed asset setup window.

Fixed Asset Setup Window- Purchasing Transactions Options

The SQL view below shows the detailed list of these pending assets, some of these information is illustrated in the image below:

Report Sample

The script can be downloaded from >> Download Link

       CREATE VIEW FA_GPEssentials_PendingFAPurch
                     DOCNUMBR DocumentNumber,
                     DOCDATE DocumentDate ,
                     ORCTRNUM ReceiptNumber,
                     PORDNMBR PO_Number,
                     Purchased_Quantity ,
                     ASSETID AssetID,
                     SHRTNAME ShortName,
                     ASSETDESC Description,
                     EXTASSETDESC Extended_Description,
                     Master_Asset_ID ,
                     STRUCTUREID StructureID,
                     ASSETCLASSID ClassID,
                     LOCATNID LocationID,
                     ACQDATE AcquisitionDate,
                     Acquisition_Cost ,
                     Orig_Acquisition_Cost ,
                     CASE ASSETTYPE
                       WHEN 1 THEN 'New'
                       WHEN 2 THEN 'Used'
                       WHEN 3 THEN 'Leased'
                       ELSE ''
                     END AS AssetType ,
                     ASSETQTY AssetQuantity ,
                     ASSETYTDMAINT ,
                     ASSETLTDMAINT ,
                     LASTMAINTDATE ,
                     ASSESSEDVALUE ,
                     CUSTODIAN Custodian ,
                     DATEADDED Date_Added ,
                     Physical_Location_ID ,
                     Asset_Label AssetLabel ,
                     CURNCYID CurrencyID ,
                     TRXSORCE TransactionSource
       FROM    FA01100

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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