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Monday, November 16, 2015

Purchase Order Receiving and Invoices Details (with Requisitions) - SQL Script

In this post, an SQL Script is provided to list down all the purchase orders along with the associated details related to the POP transactions (Shipment, Shipment invoices …etc) with requisition details.In a previous post, an SQL script for Purchase Order receiving and invoicing details was provided, without any mention for the original requisition (if any). This script completes the cycle by adding the requisition details.The graph below shows the overall fields retrieved.

Purchase Order details with Requisition

The script can be downloaded from here .. Download Link


Creation Date: 16, November, 2015
Created by: Mahmoud M. AlSaadi
The main purpose of the script is to retrieve all purchasing details from Requisition to
associated Purchase Order and receiving details

The script has been tested on a very limited sample data.
Revision History:
Revision No.            Revision Date    Description
1                       16/11/2015      Original Version

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[DI_RequisitionDetails] AS

SELECT A.[Requisition Number],
              A.[User Defined 1],
              A.[User Defined 2],
              B.[User Defined 1] AS LineDefined1,
              B.[User Defined 2] AS LindeDefined2, 
              C.PONUMBER AS PurchaseOrderNumber,
              A.[Requested By],
              A.[Comment ID],
              A.[Address 1],
              A.[Address 2],
              A.[Address 3]
              FROM PurchaseRequisitions AS A
LEFT OUTER JOIN PurchaseRequisitionLines AS B
ON A.[Requisition Number] = B.[Requisition Number]
ON A.[Requisition Number] = C.SOPNUMBE

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[DI_ALL_POP_ReceivingandRequisitionDetails]
        VENDORID ,
        ISNULL([Requisition Number],'')  [Requisition Number],
        ISNULL([User Defined 1],'') [User Defined 1],
        ISNULL([User Defined 2],'') [User Defined 2],
        ISNULL([LineDefined1],'') [LineDefined1],
        ISNULL([LindeDefined2],'') [LindeDefined2],
        ISNULL([Requested By],'')[Requested By],
        ISNULL([Comment ID],'') [Comment ID],
        POPRCTNM AS POPReceiptNumber,
        receiptdate AS  POPReceiptDate,
        TRXSORCE AS TransactionSource,
        POPTYPE AS POPType,
        QTYSHPPD AS QuantityShipped,
        QTYINVCD AS QuantityInvoiced,
        ITEMNMBR AS ItemNumber,
        TRXLOCTN AS TransactionLocation,
        UOFM AS UnitofMeasurement,
        DATERECD AS DateReceived,
        OREXTCST AS ExtendedCost,
        ISNULL(SERIES,'') AS Series,
        ISNULL(JRNENTRY,'') AS POPReceiptJournalEntryNumber,
        ISNULL(DEBIT,0) AS Debit,
        ISNULL(CREDIT,0) AS Credit,
        ISNULL(ORGNTSRC,'') AS OriginatingTransactionSource,
        ISNULL(ORCTRNUM,'') AS OriginatingTransactionNumber,
        ISNULL(ORDOCNUM,'') AS OriginatingDocumentNumber,
        ISNULL(ORMSTRID,'')  AS OriginatingMasterNumber
FROM    ( SELECT    *
          FROM      ( SELECT    B.PONUMBER ,
                                B.VENDORID ,
                                B.POPRCTNM ,
                                A.receiptdate ,
                                A.TRXSORCE ,
                                CASE B.POPTYPE
                                  WHEN 1 THEN 'Shipment'
                                  WHEN 2 THEN 'Invoice'
                                  WHEN 3 THEN 'Shipment-Invoice'
                                  WHEN 4 THEN 'Return'
                                  WHEN 5 THEN 'Return with Credit'
                                  WHEN 6 THEN 'Inventory Return'
                                  WHEN 7 THEN 'Inventory Return with Credit'
                                  WHEN 8 THEN 'InTransit'
                                  ELSE ''
                                END AS POPTYPE ,
                                B.QTYSHPPD ,
                                B.QTYINVCD ,
                                B.ITEMNMBR ,
                                B.TRXLOCTN ,
                                B.UOFM ,
                                B.DATERECD ,
                                B.INVINDX ,
                                B.ACPURIDX ,
                      FROM      dbo.POP30300 AS A
                                LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.POP10500 AS B
                                AND A.VENDORID = B.VENDORID
                    ) AS POP
                    LEFT OUTER JOIN ( SELECT    SERIES ,
                                                JRNENTRY ,
                                                SUM(DEBITAMT) AS DEBIT ,
                                                SUM(CRDTAMNT) AS CREDIT ,
                                                ORGNTSRC ,
                                                ORCTRNUM ,
                                                ORDOCNUM ,
                                      FROM      ( SELECT    SERIES ,
                                                            JRNENTRY ,
                                                            DEBITAMT ,
                                                            CRDTAMNT ,
                                                            ORGNTSRC ,
                                                            ORCTRNUM ,
                                                            ORDOCNUM ,
                                                  FROM      dbo.GL20000
                                                  WHERE     SERIES = 4
                                                  UNION ALL
                                                  SELECT    SERIES ,
                                                            JRNENTRY ,
                                                            DEBITAMT ,
                                                            CRDTAMNT ,
                                                            ORGNTSRC ,
                                                            ORCTRNUM ,
                                                            ORDOCNUM ,
                                                  FROM      dbo.GL30000
                                                  WHERE     SERIES = 4
                                                ) AS GL
                                      GROUP BY  SERIES ,
                                                JRNENTRY ,
                                                ORGNTSRC ,
                                                ORCTRNUM ,
                                                ORDOCNUM ,
                                    ) AS GL ON ( GL.ORGNTSRC = POP.TRXSORCE
                                                 AND GL.ORDOCNUM = POP.POPRCTNM
                                                 AND GL.ORCTRNUM = POP.POPRCTNM
                                                 AND GL.ORMSTRID = POP.VENDORID
        ) AS POP
        LEFT OUTER JOIN DI_RequisitionDetails AS Req
ON POP.PONUMBER = Req.PurchaseOrderNumber
GRANT SELECT ON [DI_ALL_POP_ReceivingandRequisitionDetails]  TO DYNGRP

Best Regards, 
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi


  1. Hi Mahmood,

    This is very helpful, is it possible to include requisition workflow detail when and by who the requisition was approved in workflow 2.00. I have been trying but seems not possible.

    thank you

    1. I will consider this for a future post including an SQL view for requisition workflow details.

      Stay tuned
      Mahmoud M. AlSaadi