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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rule of Thumb | Corrupted Enter/Match Invoice

This would be considered as one of the FAQ's since it is raised up often either by some of the community members or by clients. A glitch in the system occurs rarely and result with having the shipment lost on the enter/match invoice form. 

This case applies to clients using the shipment - enter/match cycle in which two separate documents are entered in order to initially receive goods then invoice, as shown below:

Receiving Transaction Entry - Shipment Type

Now the process shall be proceeded by entering the invoice form the enter/match invoice window (Transactions > Purchasing > Enter/Match Invoice). 
Enter/Match Invoice

In very rare cases, while a user is entering the invoice, a glitch occurs for whatever reason, resulting with corrupted records, and eventually you may receive an error (No available QTY to match for this shipment). If you are faced with such a case, here are the rule of thumb to be considered as part of troubleshooting the root causes:

  • First of all, check the PO status. When you open to the Enter/Match invoice window and choose the vendor, the system will accordingly bring all "Active" Purchase Order for this specific vendors. This means, the system will check POP10100 for all active purchase order. To do so, there is a key field "STATGRP" which values are:
    • Voided - 0
    • Active - 1
    • Closed - 2
  • Second of all, there are key fields in POP10500 (receipt line quantity). Once you pick a receipt on the Enter/match invoice, this table get populated with data before posting, which is the reason why any glitch would result with corrupted data in the POP10500 and eventually with the ability to match the invoice to the original shipment. The key fields to check are:
    • QTYSHPPD | Quantity Shipped
    • QTYINVCD | Quantity Invoiced
    • QTYREJ | Quantity Rejected
    • QTYMATCH | Quantity Match
    • QTYRESERVED | Quantity Reserved
    • QTYINVRESERVE | Quantity in Reserve 
    • QTYINVAJ | Quantity Invoice Adjustment 
  • The records in POP10500 are flagged either as posted or saved. Check the "Status" field for this piece of information. So the table is designed to hold both types of data (saved and posted) and always gets populated on the run time while filling on data on the application level.
Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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