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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Analytical Accounting Entry (Excel to Dynamics GP) – Free Tool (Beta)

Entering analytical accounting journals is usually encountered with a lot of efforts as you have to go through several screens and options. When entering opening balances specifically, the journal with its associated details is quite difficult. From here, the idea to create an Excel-based macro generator tool was derived.

Throughout the previous month, the tool was published for testing and the feedback was quite positive.I highly appreciate the efforts taken by the community members who dedicated some time to help make this tool better.

Few modifications were applied and the tool is now open for the community to download and use.

Download Link >>>>>>>> AA Excel-Based Tool and Prerequisites

Video Tutorial is Provided below:

Tool Prerequisites:

In Brief, here are the tool considerations:

  • SQL Scripts: you need to run the attached scripts which will in turn create SQL Views and Stored procedures
  • MS Excel: the tool has been built and tested using MS Excel 2013, it contains functions, validations and VBA code embedded. Previous versions are not tested yet
  • Connection String: fill in the connection string details in the Setup sheet in order to get connected.


  • Accounting Class:The tool consider a standard setup for AA, in which all the dimension are linked to “one accounting class”
  • Code Validation: The tool doesn’t support code validation and relations

Macro-Generator Tools - Future Releases

>> This tool is part of a series of Excel-Based Macro Generators to enhance the integration of data from Excel to Dynamics GP. The idea is to build a dynamics Macro that can be generated considering various parameters. Further Macro-Generator tools to be introduced include:


  • Item Card, Class, Sites, UOM
  • Vendor Card, Class
  • Account Maintenance (Chart of Account)
  • Customer Card, Class


  • Inventory Adjustment, Transfer
  • Inventory Bill of Material Setup
  • Receivable Transaction Entry
  • Payable Transaction Entry
  • Sales Transaction Entry – SOP
  • Receiving Transaction Entry - POP

Your feedback is highly appreciated as part of the continuous improvements,

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi


  1. Any feedback regarding future updates, specifically within Sales Transaction Entry SOP?

    1. Hello Steven
      Apologies for the encountered delay. This is scheduled for the end of 2016.

      Best Regards,

  2. Do you have any volume of data that you have prepared to test your Excel import into the TWO database. I want to test some ideas and thought if you had already prepared some sample data in testing your Analytical Accounting Macro Generator, it would save us the hassle.

    1. I don't have anything specific, it was tested on limited random set of data.

      Please let me know if I could provide any added value.

      Your feedback is highly appreciated,

      Best Regards
      Mahmoud M. AlSaadi