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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dynamics GP Web Client – Manage User Sessions

When a user opens the web client, they receive a message indicating whether there are any open sessions, this leaves the choice for user to manage their own sessions which usually results with a mess. The below message is received when a user first login to the Dynamics GP Web Client

“You have an existing Dynamics GP Session. If you want to connect to an existing session, select the session in the list and click the connect to existing session button. If you want to create a new session, click the create new session button.”

USER Session

In this essence, the user is left to choose and they usually decide to create a new session, at least what I have seen quite often. The result is not quite promising as shown below:

Open Sessions per User

In order to get things settled, you will have to often make proper communications with the customer and provide awareness sessions that they are not supposed to leave open sessions.

  1. The user shall sign out rather than closing the browser
  2. System admin should check the web management consol to get rid of idle open sessions
  3. Communications with the users.

Proposed Alternative Solution

In the desktop version of Dynamics GP, the user is not allowed to have more than one open session to a specific company, which is managed by the Activity reference. When a user renter Dynamics GP, if there is an open session, they will have to delete it first in order to be able to login.

The web client should behave similarly. Although it’s technically different, but from a process perspective the same rule should be applied regardless of the way a user logs in the company.

I have created a request on MS Connect to get this functionality in future releases. If you are convinced that this will be of an added value, share your vote on MS Connect – ID 983432 | Prevent multiple open sessions per user on Dynamics GP Web Client.

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi


  1. Mahmoud,

    The above hyperlink is not working:

    "Share your vote on MS Connect – ID 983432 | Prevent multiple open sessions per user on Dynamics GP Web Client."

  2. Hi Mahmoud,
    Maybe this is not a design flaw by MS, but a desired 'feature'... I've heard that one limitation of the Web client is to not allow child windows to open outside the frame of the main 'web' windows, which means that users with multi-display setup will not be allowed to move child windows freely around on a different monitor.
    With the ability to open a second web session, you may be able to achieve this...

  3. Mohammad,
    Here is the Connect link :

  4. This is super useful. Thanks. One question, how does one view the 'Session Management' screen?