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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Payment Document Management – Performance Issues

Regardless of all the advantages provided by the payment document management module, several performance issues are commonly encountered which make it a bit undesired for end-users. Some of these performance issues are:

  • Only one bank transfer document is posted for the remittance, for instance, when settling several cash receipts only one bank transfer is posted on the bank module.
  • The GL journal entries posted for each remittance don’t have a proper distribution reference to be linked for each cash receipt, which makes reconciliation a difficult process
  • Common posting corruption which leads to “received” cash receipts shown as “saved”

These issues and many others have been illustrated in an old support article 2468048 Performance issues with manual payments in Payables Management or cash receipts in Receivables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP

In this post, a temporary work around solution is provided to handle the “posting corruption” which usually occurs when posting cash receipts. The cash receipt remains as “saved” while it is actually “received”. Technically speaking, the data has not been moved from the “work” to the “open” table.

The script below is only applied when “saved” cash receipts are stuck in the work table and not migrated to the open table. Never use it for any other posting corruption scenarios for PDC.


        ( RMDTYPAL ,

          DOCNUMBR ,

          CUSTNMBR ,

          CUSTNAME ,

          STMTNAME ,

          PMTDOCID ,

          CHEKNMBR ,

          PDOCSTRM ,

          CHEKBKID ,

          DOCDATE ,

          DUEDATE ,

          DOCAMNT ,

          ORDOCAMT ,

          CURNCYID ,

          CURRNIDX ,

          TRXDSCRN ,

          NOTEINDX ,

          VALSTRG1 ,

          VALSTRG2 ,

          VALSTRG3 ,

          VALSTRG4 ,

          VALSTRG5 ,

          VALSTRG6 ,

          VALDATE1 ,

          VALDATE2 ,

          VALCURR1 ,

          VALCURR2 ,

          VALBACT1 ,

          VALBACT2 ,

          TRXSORCE ,

          MKDBYUSR ,

          MKTOPROC ,

          REMTYPE ,

          REMITID ,



        SELECT  *

        FROM    ( SELECT    A.RMDTYPAL ,

                            A.DOCNUMBR ,

                            A.CUSTNMBR ,

                            A.CUSTNAME ,

                            A.STMTNAME ,

                            A.PMTDOCID ,

                            A.CHEKNMBR ,

                            1 AS PDOCSTRM ,

                            A.CHEKBKID ,

                            A.DOCDATE ,

                            A.DUEDATE ,

                            A.DOCAMNT ,

                            A.ORDOCAMT ,

                            A.CURNCYID ,

                            A.CURRNIDX ,

                            A.TRXDSCRN ,

                            A.NOTEINDX ,

                            A.VALSTRG1 ,

                            A.VALSTRG2 ,

                            A.VALSTRG3 ,

                            A.VALSTRG4 ,

                            A.VALSTRG5 ,

                            A.VALSTRG6 ,

                            A.VALDATE1 ,

                            A.VALDATE2 ,

                            A.VALCURR1 ,

                            A.VALCURR2 ,

                            A.VALBACT1 ,

                            A.VALBACT2 ,

                            B.TRXSORCE AS TRXSORCE ,

                            ' ' AS MKDBYUSR ,

                            0 AS MKTOPROC ,

                            0 AS REMTYPE ,

                            ' ' AS REMITID ,

                            0 AS CMRecordNumber

                  FROM      RVLPD008 AS A


                ) AS A


Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I have a case in Manual Payment module.
    When I choose Checkbook ID, the Document Number not automatically generate (blank) from Checkbook Maintenance, Next Check Number field.
    This happen in 1 company database, but not happen in other company database, with the same GP folder.
    I try to remove 'Payment Document Management' from Dynamics.set and it works. But is there another better solution for this case?
    Because I think the problem in database level, not in GP folder level.
    Thanks for the answer.