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Friday, April 18, 2014

HITB Essentials Series – HITB Reset Tool Deployment


Following up with the HITB Essentials Series, in a previous post HITB Reset Tool and SEE Tables, several technical aspects of the inventory reset process were provided.

In this post, a quick overview for the overall process is provided on a step by step bases.

HITB Reset Tool Installation

1- Download the appropriate HITB build associated for your Dynamics GP version on the customer source reference : Customer Source Download - Historical Inventory Trial Balance Inventory Reset Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP


2- The download will have two main files which are;

  • IVReset.cnk | This is to be copied to your Dynamics GP Folder (Program Files > Microsoft Dynamics > GP )
  • HITBIVResetProcedures.sql | This script will create all the stored procedures required for the IV Reset Process. Further details related to these procedures can be found here.

First copy the .cnk file into your Dynamics GP folder, then run Microsoft Dynamics GP (Right Click > Run as Admin) and click yes to include the new code.

Helping Note  “Sign in to Dynamics GP With (SA) account”. It is better to log all Dynamics GP users out of the systems before starting this process.

Second, run the sql script on your SQL Management Studio using the (SA) account as well.

HITB Reset Tool – Steps

Now that you have completed the installation, you will need to proceed with the IV Reset Process, including several steps as thoroughly provided below;


Post all pending inventory-related transactions. Then go to (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu > Tools > Utilities > Inventory > HITB IV  Reset Tool)


Step One and Two | Inventory reconciliation and Data Integrity

Before inventory reset, it is important to run inventory reconciliation and Data integrity, in order to ensure that no corrupted data are considered through the reset.

Helping Note !

Along with the download of HITB, there is an FAQ document including essential information

For further explanations, refer to the FQ document for specific details:

  • HITB_SkipReconciles=TRUE
  • HITB_SkipErrorChecking=TRUE
  • HITB_SkipClearingTransactions=TRUE
  • HITB_SkipVersionChecks=TRUE
  • HITB_DebugFile=c:\somefile.txt


STEP1 Reconcile

STEP2 Data Integraty


Step Thee|  Populate Tables

Step 3 Populatetables

At the end of this step, you will get a report on the variances to be considered throughout the inventory reset process. This is a very important part before you proceed.

This is called the “Inventory Staging Report”

Populate Report


Step Four and Five |  Create General Ledger Clearing Transactions and HITB records

Include an offset account in the following two steps, to be considered in the reset process.

STEP4 Create GL Clearing Transactions


STEP 5 Create GL TRX and HITB Records


At the end of the steps above, you will have a corresponding HITB (SEE30303) but not yet recorded in SEE30303, rather in a staging table

In addition, clearing GL transactions are already calculated and ready to be saved within Dynamics GP

Steps 6,7 and 8 | Finalizing

Step 6 Finalize IV Reset

STEP 6 Finalized

8 out of 8



Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi Mahmoud,

    Thank you so much for this amazing blog. It is always been a great support for me.

    Please help me with this issue - My customer upgraded from GP 8 to GP 2013 by Jun 2014.They use average perpetual valuation and have 16K items. They did not imlement HITB after upgrade and they continued to use GP. But now they want to implement HITB. Now when we run Inventory reconcile report, it shows error for more than 30 pages.As per my analysis the most of errors in IV reconcile report is due to the duplicate RCTSEQNM in IV10200 (due to same RCTSEQNM for each "Stock in" entry before upgrade)

    I am worried how to resolve the issues. Is there any workaroud or any other solution to fix the duplicating RCTSEQNM ?


    1. Hello Siva
      Thanks for your interest in Dynamics GP Essentials blog,
      In such cases, I would prefer to get the problem resolved from the roots rather than handling every single tiny error. For that, you may consider the following:

      - Consider a physical stock count for your inventory
      - Take the system stock down to zero (Adjustment out), by offsetting an inventory offset account which will be closed when entering the beginning balances as derived from the physical stock count
      - Reset inventory, by considering the HITB reset tool. It shall generate no journal entries since the inventory stock is zero
      - Reconcile inventory to GL, by making sure that all your inventory GL account balances are zero
      - Enter the inventory beginning balances as of a specific period. The variance amount between the physical stock count and the system stock count will remain in the original offset account. It should be closed either as win or loss accordingly

      Please never hesitate to share any further inquiries,

  3. Hello Mahmoud,

    My company has finally gotten around to doing the upgrade from GP10 to 2015. I am working on doing some practice upgrades on our test server and was wondering if the offset GL account used in steps 5 and 6 is generally the same.

    Thanks for writing this helpful guide


  4. Hi Mahmoud,

    Good morning and how are you doing. I am having problem on inventory against GL so going to reset HITB on test company(copy of live) and try it out. Can you please confirm the following.

    1) copy the IVreset file to dynamics folder
    2) HITB SQL script
    2) run GP as admin

    follow all the steps of HITB reset and finalize.

    By doing the above the following will be available on menu in GP

    GP menu > Tools > Utilities > Inventory > HITB IV Reset Tool

    is this correct, I always get confused with this. Also will all the company this will get enabled or only the company you are login on that time. I am not very clear about this.


    1. Hello Babu
      I believe we have already settled this case on the mail :)

      Please never hesitate to share any further inquiries or concerns
      Best Regards,

  5. Hello, Mahmood.

    We recently ran the HITB Rest Tool resulting in over 500 pages of GL adjusting entries. Would you mind explaining how the new values are determined? Is the current cost used for each item? Does standard costing and/or current costing come into play? I am just curious how the new value was reached.

    P.S. The information you posted on error correction was very helpful as we had several pages of errors to correct as well.


    1. Hello Melissa
      Greetings, hope you are doing well
      I have another approach which I usually consider in order to make sure that no adjusting entries are generated at all. Please email me on MahmoodSaadi@Live.com if you are willing to have a further in-depth discussion about your inquiry.

      Best Regards,

  6. Hello, Mahmood.
    We have been running inventory and the HITB tool was not run in the beginning because the inventory and HITB were started at the same time. over the past 4 years we have 40 items that have a gotten cost variance and some are negative costs on the HITB. Is there a way to fix these items on the HITB to match what it is in the iv10200? Can i clear out the se30300 table and run the HITB reset tool to get the HITB report in line with the IV10200? and by the way the class of items in this particular GL account ties to the HITB. negative costs included. If the HITB is in fact wrong and we have to adjust to get in line with the iv10200, will we have to make a gl entry to bring the gl to match the corrected HITB?


    1. Hello Tim
      Yes, there is definitely a way. This is called "Internal Inventory Reconciliation", which requires resetting the inventory tables and ensuring that they are reconciled with the GL.

      Please feel free to contact me on my email for any further detailed explanations.

      Best Regards,
      Mahmoud M. AlSaadi