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Friday, February 14, 2014

Change Decimal Places – Inventory Utility


In Inventory Module, the quantity decimal places is configured on two levels primarily, which are the Item and Unit of Measurement Schedule level. After that, an item is assigned to a certain UOM schedule provided that they both; item and UOM have the same quantity decimals.

1- Unit of Measurement Schedule

At the UOM schedule window (Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Inventory > UOM Schedule), you define the number of quantity decimals for this specific UOM regardless of items.

Quantity decimals could have a value between (0) decimals to maximum of (5)decimals.

Helping Note !

Quantity decimals values are not stored in the database with the same values shown on the screen.

IV00101.DECPLQTY Values:

  • 1 = 0 decimals
  • 2 = 1 decimals
  • 3 = 2 decimals
  • 4 = 3 decimals
  • 5 = 4 decimals
  • 6 = 5 decimals

2- Item Card:

On the item maintenance window, you define a quantity decimals for each item. The field is locked once the item is saved and can’t be changed from item maintenance window anymore.

3- Item and UOM Schedule Assignment

When assigning a UOM schedule to an item number, they should both have the same number of quantity decimals.

Change Decimals Places Utility

This utility is used to change the number of quantity or currency decimals for item numbers specifically. This means, it doesn’t affect the original unit of measurement at all.



How does it work !

The change decimals utility does the following;

  1. Breaks the UOM Schedule and Item assignment, leaving the field UOM schedule empty in the item card. >> Assign a new UOM schedule with the same quantity decimals.
  2. Related purchase receipts, quantities, vendor information, serial numbers, lot numbers and kits are updated.
  3. Price lists become invalid. >> Create new price lists, and consider checking the item purchasing options as well.
  4. Change decimals utility doesn’t affect the original UOM schedule.









Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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