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Friday, January 10, 2014

Inventory– Maintain/Remove Transaction History


In a previous post Inventory Distribution History, illustration was provided regarding Inventory distribution history. It is important now to understand the effects of maintaining or removing Inventory transaction history.

Inventory History Setup:

From Item Card > Options > Maintain History.

  • Calendar Year
  • Fiscal Year
  • Transaction
  • Distribution


Maintaining transaction history is associated with the IV30300 Table. Inventory Transaction Amount History.

Helping Note !

If you un check the “Transaction” checkbox under Maintain History, IV transactions will not be recorded in IV30300. The following inquiries/reports will be lost;

  • Inquiry: Item Stock Inquiry (reads from IV30300 and IV00102)
  • Report: Historical Stock Status (reads from IV30300)

Remove Transaction History

Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Utilities > Inventory > Remove Transaction History


Even if the inventory is setup to maintain transaction history, you can still remove transactions history from the “remove transaction history utilities”. Which will primarily remove all records in IV30300 for a certain item number, document number, date or site.

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi


  1. Good article..have a client with around 5 million records in the IV30300 which causes crisis level performance issues. I am trying to test removal of all records up to this year in the test db but it locks up the users. Even if I try and run over the weekend it will run for days on end. Can I remove in SQL? Thanks.

    1. Hello Laura
      Of course it is doable. Although, it needs thorough consideration when performing such a mass delete. The remove transaction history utility in the inventory module deletes the specified records from the IV30300 table specifically (from which the Historical Stock Status retrieves data). In addition, there are two secondary tables which are (IV30200 and IV30100)

      If you remove all the records, your client will not be able to print a historical stock status anymore. You may consider leaving the open cost layers, in IV30300. To get this piece of information, look for the "RCPTSOLD" flag for the document number in IV10200, if it is (1) then this is a fully consumed cost layer, if it is (0), then it is still an open cost layer which you need to exclude when removing the documents from IV30300

      Let me know if you have any further inquiries,