Friday, January 26, 2018

Dynamics GP 2018 - Smart list Favorites Password Protection

End users were always complaining in previous releases about the fact that their Smart list favorites can be modified or even deleted by other end users when it is created on the system or company level. With the release of Dynamics GP 2018, end-users now can create their own smart list favorites and protect any further modifications, changes or deletion by setting a system password. 

Here is the scenario for the smart list favorite. When creating a new favorite, there is a new field for the password which is optional. Once a password is filled out, it will be stored in the database.

Smart list favorite - Password Protection

Password Protection

Now, once this password is entered on the newly created smart list favorite, no further modifications, changes or even deletion of this favorite would be allowed without the password. Here is a screen shot of how password will be prompted out when applying such tasks.

Modifying Smart list

Removing Smart List

Furthermore, the interesting part is that password can be reset anytime by clicking the arrow next to the "Password" field. This ensures that password protection is effective enough for end-users.

Password Reset

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