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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Unhandled script exception “Value of range” error when Running Receivables Reconciliation

When attempting to run the sales reconciliation; specifically for the “Current Customer Information”
an unhandled script exception [Value of Range]



As you proceed, when pressing the “Process”, you will get the error stated below:

Unhandled script

This is most likely caused by a missing statement cycle definition on the customer card, as shown below:

  • Go to Cards > Sales > Customer
  • On the customer card , press on the options button
  • On the customer option window, check the “Statement Cycle”. If it is empty, choose one of the predefined options (monthly, weekly …etc)

Customers Options

For a mass update, you can consider the update of this option on the SQL level by running a simple update statement

To identify the customers with no statement cycle definition, run the script below:

SELECT  STMTCYCL AS StatementCycle ,
FROM    dbo.RM00101

To correct a bulk of customers, you can consider the following update statement:

UPDATE  dbo.RM00101
SET     STMTCYCL = StatementCycleValue

 Statement Cycle values are:

2 Weekly
3 Biweekly
4 SemiMonthly
5 Monthly
6 BiMonthly
7 Quarterly

If all the above doesn’t apply to resolving this error, you may need to check missing records in RM tables (RM00101,RM00102, RM00103, RM00104 and RM00106). Refer to Support Article ID: 851191 for further in-depth details

Best Regards,
Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

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